No worries! Your Pierce Parts & Service Parts Department has some common refrigeration troubleshooting tips to help keep your unit in top working condition with some quick fixes or cleanups. Any in-depth repair should be completed by a professional technician or service company.

Door Won’t Shut

If you notice the refrigerator door won’t seal shut, it’s most likely due to a broken gasket. This can cause air to escape the unit, causing temperature fluctuations inside that can hinder your food and beverages. When replacing a refrigerator gasket, it’s important you find the serial and model numbers. Both will help us identify the manufacturing date so we can find the appropriate gasket for your unit.

Leveling also is a common issue that will cause the door to not shut properly. Place a level on the top of the unit, and check it from side to side and front to back. Loosen the bolts on the caster that needs to be raised, and insert the proper amount of shims on each side to adjust the height (do not exceed three shims on each side).

Dirty Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is next to the unit’s compressor, and it can accumulate dust over time. Too much dust and dirt can cause the cabinet to overheat and wear down other components in your machine. Use a strong vacuum or air compressor to clean the coil. Try to make this a routine at least every three months to avoid overheating.

If the coil has a thick grease buildup, this will require specific instructions found in your owner’s manual. A damaged coil will require professional repair and may even need replacement. If the fins are crushed or damaged, they need to be straightened.

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